Farmliner CRV Vision-2 Trimmer
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  • The Farmliner brand has been a firm favourite since 1980, when Farmliner tractors were first introduced to Australia. More than 35 years later, Farmliner is synonymous with great value farm equipment that will stand the test of time.

    Farmliner Farm Machinery

    CRV Vision-2 Trimmer


    The CRV Vision-2 pruning trimmers are characterised by better front visibility, heavy-duty side shift on bearings and better performing inclination of vertical bars, which makes them suitable for use in hilly terrain. With independent lift adjustment of the two cutting bars, the CRV-Vision 2 will perfectly match the needs of plants situated on slope sides making it ideal for pruning and trimming vineyards. Italian made by Rinieri company; a specialist pruner manufacturer.

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    Photograph for illustration purposes - standard specifications may not match those shown.

    • Left and right vertical cutter bars each with a topping cutter bar is powered by hydraulic motors.
    • Two vertical posts create clear central vision of the vineyard row for the operator.
    • Electro-hydraulic valve block controls all hydraulic functions with 7+1 function joystick in the cabin.
    • From a single joystick, control the 7 cylinder functions and the on and off of the cutterbars.
    • Independently raise / lower each cutterbar 60cm by hydraulic cylinder controlled from joystick.
    • Independently angle each vertical cutterbar +/- 15 degrees by hydraulic cylinder controlled from joystick.
    • Independently angle each topping cutterbar +/- 15 degrees by hydraulic cylinder controlled from joystick.
    • Hydraulic side shift entire trimmer 25cm by hydraulic cylinder controlled from joystick.
    • Additional manual side shift of 20cm.
    • Hydraulically remove trimmer from the tractor front hitch and put onto the parking stand.
    • Cutterbar hydraulic motors have over pressure protection.


    CRV-Vision 2
    No. of Blades 2 x (5+2)
    A Vertical cutter bars (m) 1.75
    B Top cutter bars (m) 0.75
    C Narrowest cutting position (m) 1.2
    C Widest cutting position (m) 2.1
    D Minimum vineyard row spacing (m) 1.7
    D Maximum vineyard row spacing (m) 2.8
    Weight (kg) 500-550
    Hydraulic oil flow required (L/min) 25-35
    CRV V2 Dimensions Diagram
    1. Vertical Cutter Bars
    2. Top Cutter Bars
    3. Cutting Position
    4. Vineyard Row Spacing


    Click this link to download a brochure.
    Please note that Australian specifications may vary to those shown on the manufacturer's brochure and website.
    Follow this link to the manufacturer's website (Rinieri)

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