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    TYM Customer Feedback

    What our Customers have to say

    “I’ve had the TYM T273 tractor for four years now and it’s great. We have 8 acres of sloping land so I picked the T273 for its 4WD and low centre of gravity. I can go anywhere on my land and feel safe and comfortable. It’s easy to operate and drive, particularly with the hydrostatic transmission with side by side pedals—anyone can drive it. It’s got all the power I need for the jobs around my farm. The hydraulics are good; the backhoe pulls out the privet and the 4-in-1 bucket is perfect for picking up big logs. Maintenance is minimal and I’ve never had a problem. I’d certainly recommend the TYM T273 tractor.”
    Garry P, Lisarow, NSW

    “I spent a long time researching which tractor to get, and I’ve been so happy with my decision to buy the TYM T273. Ease of use is the stand-out feature for me. I had never used a 4-in-1 front end loader before, but I’ve done so much with the T273. I excavated about 30-40 cubic metres of land and filled it with 15 tonnes of stone, knocked down trees, pulled out stumps etc. It lets me do it all and has been very reliable.”
    Clayton W, Carool, Northern NSW

    “I’ve had a TYM T273 tractor for a few years now. I use it for commercial landscaping, ripping and rotary hoeing, augering post holes and running a cement mixer attachment. It’s small but has lots of power with good hydraulics and rear remotes. The large industrial tyres are great for our landscaping jobs as they give a smooth ride across all sorts of terrain. I love it; it’s perfect for my needs.”
    Tim A, Shepparton, VIC

    “I bought the TYM T313 tractor and a backhoe mainly for slashing, levelling, digging holes and moving gravel and mulch. The industrial tyres, which came as standard, are a bonus and the integrated joystick makes for ease of use and convenience. My wife also loves the side-by-side HST pedals. We were thrilled to get a new TYM T313 with a Japanese Mitsubishi diesel engine and a warranty for less money than a grey import tractor. The 4-in-1 bucket gets a lot of use— I recently pulled all the posts out of our dam. The TYM T313 is a solid and stable tractor, and I love it.”
    Tony W, Tamborine, QLD

    “Our property is on the side of a hill with some pretty treacherous valleys around it. I was a bit nervous the first time I took my new TYM T273 tractor into a steep valley, but it didn’t miss a beat. It performs brilliantly up and down the hills pulling out tree trunks, and levelling the land and moving soil, rocks and general gear around the property. The 1318cc Mitsubishi diesel engine had good reviews and it hasn’t disappointed.”

    “After a 2 month break, it started first time. The integrated 4-in-1 loader joystick with a trigger 3rd function control means I can work everything from one stick; that’s very handy. It also means I can get on and off easily from either side—most tractors have controls in the way of one side. The
    TYM T273 can handle a wide variety of attachments so it’s a great all round tractor.”
    Chris, Lemon Tree, Watagans NSW

    “The TYM T413 is my second TYM tractor and was good value for money. I use it for lifting, levelling, tree trimming, log cutting and moving bits and pieces around. It’s got a solid weight while feeling lighter to drive and being quieter and more responsive than the other tractors I tested.  The mirrors give great visibility when reversing, and the auto throttle, power steering and side by side HST pedals make it easy to drive.”
    Peter A, South Tacoma, NSW

    “After extensive research, I decided to buy a TYM T413 because I trust Korean manufacturing quality and the T413 had hydrostatic transmission with side-by-side pedals and auto throttle control that my wife was comfortable driving. I made my final decision at the TOCAL field day after having a good look at the different tractors. Inlon has a TYM dealer in Wingham so that made it extra convenient. The TYM T413 tractor is powerful, easy to drive and I love the electronic engagement of the PTO. It has good ergonomics. Compared to similar tractors in its class, the controls for the front end loader are so much better designed, being close to your hand and giving a firm grip. The Euro hitch on the loader means I can hook up a wide range of attachments rather than being tied to a proprietary system. The TYM T413 tractor has been everything I expected and hoped for.”
    Peter L, Nabiac, NSW

    “I was looking for a 30HP tractor for a 10 acre block with a lot of trees that was suitable for slashing paddocks, cultivating soil with a rotary hoe, a landscape rake and had a front end loader with a suitably sized 4-in-1 bucket. I also wanted a tractor that had a hydrostatic transmission and was easy to operate so my wife and daughters could use the tractor.  I looked at sub-compact and compact tractors and then created a spreadsheet that listed all the important mechanical specifications (engine HP and PTO HP, drive train, hydraulic system, dimensions including ground clearance and weight etc) for each tractor model being considered –  TYM, Kubota, Mahindra, John Deere and Kioti.

    “From an operating point of view, especially for the ladies in my family, the flat operating platform with non-slip rubber mat, the separate forward and reverse pedals rather than the toe-heel pedal, instrument panel and controls, the fuel tank located behind the operator seat with easy access to refuel instead of having the fuel tank located in the engine bay and having to use a stepladder to refuel via top of the engine hood etc, the TYM T313 was the most practical tractor from a “fit for purpose” and “cost effective” perspective.”      
    John E, Tumbi Umbi, NSW

    “I did a lot of research before buying the TYM T503 HST ROPS tractor. I didn’t want a Chinese tractor, and I looked at Massey Ferguson and Kubota amongst others. The TYM T503 certainly came out on top for value for money with a good reputation. It’s well made and with a Perkins engine, I knew it would be a quality tractor. The HST is great—so simple to change from low to high speed range and 2WD to 4WD. The 3 point linkage makes it easy to attach implements such as fork tines, and the TYM T503 has fantastic lift capacity.”
    Craig A, Somersby, NSW

    “It was a big step for me to change to a tractor with a front end loader. I looked at different models and so many of them have poor visibility. I said I wouldn’t buy one unless I could see the front point from my seat. The TYM T503 has great visibility all round, both front and back - I could reverse right up and drop a pin down on a ball! It’s easy to get in and out of the T503, and the air-conditioned cab is great on our hot days!”
    Keith L, Benalla, VIC

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