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  • The Farmliner brand has been a firm favourite since 1980, when Farmliner tractors were first introduced to Australia. More than 35 years later, Farmliner is synonymous with great value farm equipment that will stand the test of time.

    Farmliner Farm Machinery

    SUPER TIGER Rotary Hoe

    The heavy duty rotary hoe is rated at 250 horsepower made its name in the sugar cane. Its high blade clearance design enable it to efficiently handle the incorporation of heavy crop residues without excessive PTO horsepower consumption.

    Celli SUPER TIGER Rotary Hoe

    Photograph for illustration purposes - standard specifications may not match those shown.



    SUPER TIGER Features Rotary Hoe
    • Rigid box construction. The robust and very rigid structure of Celli rotary hoes is a key feature. The box section frame is reinforced by a square pipe section at the front that is welded on both sides
    • High blade clearance body for incorporating of bulky crop residues without excessive consumption of PTO horsepower
    • Heavy steel side plates
    • Fitted with heavy back doors - ideal for soil levelling
    • Rear doors have spring loaded spring adjusters as standard
    • Adjustable skids are standard
    • Front parking stand
    • Category 2&3 linkage headstock
    • Lower hitch point with fixed or floating positions


    • PTO Drive shaft with 4 plate clutch is standard
    • Gearbox is capable of 2 speeds (1000 PTO)
    • Robust and unique Celli designed gearbox
    • Proven triple gear side drive
    • Oil bath rotor bearings with Duocone oil seals for water proof reliability
    • Special high-grade anti-wear steel rotor flanges commonly referred as submarine armour plating
    • "L" blade rotor is standard


    • Speed blades and long shank blades are available
    • Straight blade Anti-pan rotor in lieu of standard L blade rotor
    • Spike rotor in lieu of standard L blade rotor is ideal for working in cloddy or pugging soils that are otherwise difficult to hoe
    • Cage roller 440 or 500mm diameter
    • Packer roller 470mm diameter
    • Steel wheel kits
    • Rubber wheel kits
    • Hydraulic depth control for roller or wheel kit
    • Rotor double flanges
    • Side cutting discs
    • Track eradicators which bolt onto front bar
    • Fan type gearbox oil cooler kit. Front mounted sub-soiler


    TIGER 305
    TIGER 355
    Working Width (m)
    Overall Width (m)
    No. of Blades
    Weight (kg)
    Tractor Power (hp)


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